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Into the Hidden Oasis of Bohol

Are you the chill harder or the party harder type of person? Whichever you are, Panglao Island is the place to be. Panglao Island can be found in Bohol, Philippines.


Panglao Island is known as one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines, The most popular tourist spot on this island is Alona Beach. It is famous for its powder like white sand and crystal clear water. You can enjoy a variety of land and water activities in this area.

For party harder type of person – you can do bar hopping. Things get lively during the night. There are live bands or disco during weekends. This island offers a typical night life.


For chill harder type of person – you can sit in the sun, do star gazing at night, grab some drinks and enjoy the view.


We stayed there for 2 days and 1 night only. Since time was limited, we decided to go for island hopping. The 1st island we visited was Balicasag Island.


Balicasag Island is a marine sanctuary. It is endowed with magnificent corals and white sand beach. It is known as haven for snorkelers and divers.  As for me, this is the best place to swim with the turtles. You can spot turtles and relish looking at the assorted species of fish and corals in different depths in Balicasag.We explored the island within an hour and went on for another adventure.

Last item on the list, was Virgin Island.


Virgin Island is known as the “hidden oasis” due to its lengthy stretch of fine grained white sand beach during low tide. After experiencing Virgin Island, we went back to the hotel for dinner and enjoyed the night life.

Found this dog with a tag “Iro sa Bohol”. It is good to note that they put this on every dog in Alona Beach.
The ocean is everything I want to be. Mysterious, wild and free.

Cheers to a life full of adventure! =)

Lanigid Hill Climb

We were wet behind the ears in terms of mountain climbing. But then, it didn’t stop us to venture into the woods and to explore the mountain. Sometimes, we need adventure to rinse off worries and stress from our bodies. And when the adventure adrenalin sinks in, we need to listen to it and realize it. There is no time to be bored in this beautiful world.

My best friend Mike (photographer), Denmark (mountain climber) and I agreed to go for a climb at Mt. Lanigid. This mountain is located in Liloan, Cebu.

How To Get There?

From SM City Cebu,take a Liloan jeepney ride to get to Liloan Church. From Liloan Church, take a motorcycle ride and make agreements with the driver to drop you off at Lanigid Hill. Fare is 100 Php from Liloan Church to Lanigid Hill.

Around 9:30 AM, we started traveling to Lanigid Hill. We had by pass the bridge that says “Welcome to Mulao”. Upon seeing that signage, the excitement skyrocketed. It took us an hour drive to arrive in Lanigid Hill.

Arriving at Lanigid Hill, we saw friendly faces. We asked for directions and we were told to register our names in their guest list. We were told on what route to take and how to get to the peak of the hill. Luckily, it was their barrio fiesta, we got lunch invitations.

Adventure begins at Lanigid Hill.
We wandered like a cloud on top of the mountain.
We stopped for a minute to enjoy the view. Also, to inhale the fresh air and to breathe convulsively. Hahaha

Our trekking on the way up was kind of slippery. Lanigid Hill doesn’t have man made tracks to follow through. We trustred our intuition. Hahahah. It was a trial and error at first to find the exact path to the peak. A lot of gasping and heavy breathing were mumbled on our way to the top. And so, we made it. =)

Happiness. Going to the top of the mountain is like going home.
Memories made in the mountains stay in our hearts forever.
Pack your bags and meet me in the mountains. =)

Argao Expedition 

I have been to Argao many times, however I haven’t explored it’s beautiful spots. My mom was born and raised in this province, so there are lots of opportunity for me to go there.
So to speak, I invited my friends to explore the beauty of Argao. My grandparents lived in Malacorong, Argao. And that’s the farthest I’ve been. Until I took the chance to go beyond the unexplored area.

How to get there?
Take a bus ride at South Bus Terminal. Choose the Ceres bus that is bound for Argao. Fare is 80 php for non air-conditioned while 85 php for the air-conditioned ones.

We arrived in Argao at 10am. We managed to take our lunch meal first before we began our excursion.
After lunch, We looked for motorcycle drivers to help us get to our destinations.
We made an agreement with the motorcycle drivers on the list of places we wanted to visit. The first on the list was: Argao Rice Terraces.

I love places that makes you realize how tiny you and your problems are.
Standing tall and proud is the Balete tree that provides unlimited supply of cold water in their spring.
I didn’t know that it existed not until I opened a local Sunday magazine that featured its beauty. Getting there was a bumpy ride. There’s a lot of snail trail road so you really need a professional driver who knows how to deal with it.

Cold and relaxing water flows from the Balete tree.
Next stop was the Bugasok Falls. We took a different route than the usual one. Since Bugasok Falls requires a lot of trekking and climbing, we went for the stream view. This is where the waters of the Falls originates.

The stunning view of Mt. Lantoy can be seen on the way to Bugasok Falls.
Usmad River is one of the water source of Bugasok Falls.
 Indeed, at some point in life, the world’s beauty become enough.
Filling our pockets with memories and adventures.

From Bugasok Falls we went to Baluarte de Argao.
Baluarte de Argao signage
The inside view of Baluarte de Argao.
Adventures are best shared with friends.
Then we went home safely and happily.  Until next time explorer. 🙂


When Things Don’t Go As Planned Wander at Lake Balanan

At times things don’t go as planned. Just like the places we want to visit, the dreams we want to achieve and the love that we want to have. Things don’t always end up as what we expect them to be. But hey, there is a lesson from unfulfilled expectations. We need to remember that we may not have gone where we intended to go, but we have ended up where we needed to be. Everything will fall into place, you just gotta be patient and trust the process. 

To cut to the chase, June isn’t the best month to travel in the Philippines. To get you acquainted with our climate, the rainy season starts in June and lasts till October. However, the inclement weather forecast didn’t stop us from exploring Negros Oriental.

The original plan was to visit Manjuyod White Sand Bar  and  to stay in Apo Island. Since we didn’t have enough number of heads to complete the Package Tour requirements, we changed our route.

Last minute decision making can indeed sometimes lead you to a beautiful destination. After searching for a serene, and majestic ambiance, we found a helpful site that featured Lake Balanan.

So we went to South Bus Terminal at 12am and hopped on to a Ceres bus which is bound to  Liloan Port in Oslob, Cebu. Upon arrival at Liloan Port, we bought a ticket that will drop us off to Sibulan Port. From the port we rode a pedicab that brought us to the boulevard of Dumaguete City. So the picture taking began – hahaha. Of course, travel isn’t complete without pictures. As for me, all adventures must be documented. Photographs help us relive the memories and the momentum for a lifetime.

A view from the boulevard of Dumaguete City.
We decided to eat in Foodnet, one of the best places to eat in Dumaguete City which is near Siliman University. It was the second time that we ate there, and their meals were perfect to fuel your body for adventures.

We rode a jeepney bound to Siaton, Negros Oriental. It took us an hour and a half to get in Siaton. Then from Siaton, we  asked directions from a locale on how to get to Lake Balanan.

Following the directions of locale, we asked the habal-habal drivers (motorcyle drivers) to bring us to Lake Balanan.

Setting the right expectations, Lake Balanan can be found in the mountain side of Sitio Balanan, Barangay Sandulot, Siaton, Negros Oriental. The lake is enclosed by mountain ranges, and is suckled by three creeks, all located in the northern end. These are the Lamarao Creek at the northeastern corner with two waterfalls, the Balanan Creek at the middle of the northern end with another waterfall, and the Nasig-id Creek at the northwestern end.Getting there is quite a challenge if motorcycle is your means of transportation. On the brigther side, we were told by the maintenance officer of Lake Balanan that they can fetch their guest from Siaton Proper with a van, if a reservation was made.

It took us almost an hour to get to Lake Balanan. Upon arrival, the resort team cordially welcomed us. So brace yourselves nature lovers, this is the part where we were at a lost for words.

So keep your ocean, I’ll take the lake.

We went on exploring the lakeside.

We took the chance to experience the lake.

We boarded on a small boat and we couldn’t contain the excitement.

My happiness can be measured in a lake form. haha

The view of the lake as we were headed to the other side of it.

Grace is finding a waterfall when you’re only looking for a stream. This waterfall can be found on the other side of the lake.

My travel buddy and photographer doing his signature pose.

The stunning view of the lake.

The resort management do not restrict the locals to roam around the area. It is indeed about recognizing that  the locals are stewards of nature. We are hoping that this legacy continues. Nature should be nurtured.

Explore. Not all classrooms have four walls.

Stirring the lake with my feet. The water felt so good.

Beautiful, still and deep lake in the middle of a concrete world.
We did hope that we could stay there for a while. Two days were too short to experience the entire lake. If given a chance, we would love to go back and create more memories there.

Anyway, I would recommend that you go there after summer if you are into relaxation and nature trip. Also, it is best to book a room in advance so that the resort shuttle service will pick you up at Siaton proper.

13502847_1385833238110114_2206290615990932065_o (1)
Maybe one day, we will meet again.

Expand Your Horizons – Mt. Naupa

I was trying to pull off something profound while I was typing the next episode of adventure I had. I stumbled upon the resolution I had last January. My resolution was to go on more adventures this year. I looked at the list of places I visited and the number of times I went out of my comfort zone. I was surprised of the list of adventures I  conquered. I learned a lot of life realizations while traveling and taking extreme adventures. Let me share to you a life realization quote related to adventure from Emery Allen.

“There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot.  Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize life like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful, I promise.”

On the verge of looking for another adventure, my friends at work introduced Mt. Naupa. Rank as the 8th highest mountain in Central Visayas and the 1,106th highest mountain in the Philippines, with an astounding height of 584 meters, lies Mt. Naupa in barangay Cogon Naga, Cebu. Without further ado, I joined the circle.

Richelle, a friend and a colleague knew someone who can guide us to the trail of Mt. Naupa. We all agreed to contact John, a mountain climber who had been to Mt. Naupa.  Around 7am we gathered to Park N’ Go bakeshop in Sitio Rikio.  We asked the drivers to take us to Cogon, Naga.  We were grateful for the good weather given by the providence and for the competent driving skills of the motorcycle drivers.

John – our friendly guide. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo
It feels good to be lost in the right place.

We were amazed with the superb mountain views of Naga. As we got into Cogon, Naga, we started walking to the trail of Mt. Naupa. It took us about an hour of walking and climbing before we got into the peak.

The happy photographer.

Happiness swallowed us whole. Being on top of the mountain and seeing the wonders of nature is priceless.

These are my fellow nature adventure hunters. From left to right ( Ailyn, Me, John, DenMark, Jomar). Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo

Dare to go on adventures. Live your life beyond your parameters. Expand your horizons. Love life.

Downhill view of the campsite. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo
Happy faces after the climb. From left to right (DenMark, kiddo, Me, Aileen, Richelle ) at the back is another locale kid who joined us. This photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo. (He is my best friend , travel buddy and photographer of all time.)
Life is a daring adventure. So live, laugh and jump.

Thank you for visiting this page. 🙂


Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti-Dumaguete City

After quitting the night shift job, I dove into another adventure trip with my best friends Michael and Chresh.

Our aim was to explore the City of Gentle People- Dumaguete City. We had seen and heard a lot of beautiful stories about Dumaguete City. We couldn’t wait to experience and savor the place.

With the excitement all over my body, I didn’t went home after shift. I packed all the necessary things and didn’t tell anyone from home that I would go on a trip. Just so you know, I like going out of my comfort zone, for that reason, I go on unplanned trips and people at home wouldn’t have a clue as to where and what I am up to. Yeah, that’s on the list of my weird choices.

Chresh and I decided to spend the night at Cebu South Bus Terminal so that we wouldn’t miss the bus which is bound to  Liloan Port. We waited for Michael and his mom at the bus terminal.

As soon as Tita (Michael’s mom) and Michael arrived, we lined up for Liloan port bus. We got into a non air conditioned bus since it was around 2 am and we preferred the cold air breeze at dawn.

Our skin froze with the coldness of the air that our eyes couldn’t resist to fall on a heavy slumber. Since there was no traffic, we arrived at Liloan Port in a  nick of time.

From Liloan Port, we rode a fastcraft bound to Sibulan Port. Then we took a pedicab that brought us to Dumaguete City. We were lucky enough to witness the beautiful sunrise at the boulevard.
For a moment, we stayed and took pictures of the boulevard.

Having no clue of where to eat, we decided to enjoy a breakfast meal at a fast food restaurant.

Then, we hailed a pedicab and requested the driver to bring us to Forest Camp. The driver was kind enough to chat with us that we enjoyed the ride. We planned to stay at Forest Camp- a mountain resort located in Valencia Negros Oriental.

travelers mantra
“Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time” – a responsible traveler’s mantra. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo

We did not make a reservation albeit their guest officers allowed us to book a room for a night, which was totally awesome. The place has a calm, natural woodland ambience with an added soulful sound of nature.

forest camp
Who could resist these beautiful landscapes? Spring pools are heavenly. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo
forest camp bridge
Hanging bridge view with Chresh. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo

As soon as we got into our room, we put on our bags and got ready for the city tour. We had a list of places to visit so there was no time for sleeping.

We hailed a motorcycle (habal habal) and we asked the drivers to take us to Casaroro Falls, which is located 9.4 kilometers west of Dumaguete City.

Upon arrival, we added our names on the visitors’ list and paid the entrance fee of 10 pesos.

With wide arms open. Photo taken by Maykel Anjelo

The passage way to Casaroro Falls can be entered through concrete stairs but it’s not that easy. It’s a steep descending 300-steps stair going to the site.

maykel anjelo
This is Maykel Anjelo. My best friend and a passionate photographer.
River trekking wasn’t our strongest suit but we made it till the end. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo

One of our most challenging and unforgettable experience on our way to Casaroro Falls was the river trek activity. We did not have any clue as to what type of boulders encompasses the river in which you need to pass through for you to reach the exact location of Casaroro Falls.

casa roro falls
A colossal view of Casaroro Falls. This photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo.

Stuck deep into the rock fissures of the jagged Valencia mountains, lies Casaroro Falls. Water plunges into a deep cold basin as it emerges intensely to a stream. Casaroro Falls is 100 feet tall. Instead of the usual wide cascade, the waterfall has a slender size. Despite of its slender size, the volume of water that drops is heavy and causes a roar when it touches the pool.

After witnessing the colossal and invigorating view of Casaroro Falls, we headed to the Pulangbato Falls.

This mountain that secretes smoke due to heat underneath its surface.

pulang bato mountains

The magnificent Pulang Bato Falls. Photo was taken by Maykel Anjelo

Pulangbato Falls is in the heart of Ocoy Valley, a town of Valencia Negros Oriental. It is fitting but proper to name it Pulangbato due to the waterfall’s red river water which is caused by the presence of natural reddish rocks found in the area.  For that reason, we couldn’t stop our self and took a picture of the falls.

After an adventurous trip we went back to Forest Camp. We took a bath and ate a delightful meal. Due to the peaceful and cold breeze of the atmosphere, we fell on a safe and sound sleep.

The next morning, we still couldn’t believe that we saw and conquered everything that was on our list of activities.  It always feels good be lost in the right direction.  We thanked the universe for allowing us to explore and to achieve one of our lifelong dreams.We were grateful for experiencing the kindness of the people in Dumaguete City. The people we met were so grand that they taught us to throw kindness around like confetti.